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Coaching and empowering people is one of my favorite things to do in life! I sincerely believe that we are perfectly capable of being at our best by addressing the mind, body and spirit. The powerful tools that I use, helps to remove our own blocks and barriers to healing. I have worked for years, empowering clients to change limiting beliefs, grow in relationships, overcome fears, phobias, unwanted emotional and physical issues, difficulties from the past, grief and loss, sports performance blocks, professional development and such with great success that lasts. Plus, we all could use more coping skills in life when it comes to dealing with stress and emotions.

Personally, I came to learn about “rewiring the brain" and “transforming the mind” as a result of my own challenges and illnesses. I say this lightly but just to name a few, I overcame 13 years of severe chronic pain (fibromyalgia), multiple food allergies and sensitivities, IBS, migraines, a pregnancy induced partial molar tumor cancer that spread to my lungs, the loss of a baby, lots of emotional challenges and many limiting beliefs. Thankfully, I experienced a major transformation and am now living life to the full!  I have continued to grow, take personal ownership of my life and have become empowered by using simple and effective techniques to renew my thinking.


Anyways, I fell in love with understanding the mind and brain thus made it my passion to be trained. In the past, I have enjoyed going to Hawaii to do volunteer work with some of the best, from around the world, refining our skills and supporting people in their personal transformation at Habilitat, a long-term rehabilitation facility. The changes that I have witnessed have given me so much hope. Anyone can change their thinking system, release unwanted emotions, behaviors and hurts from the past and thus, transform their entire life.

Recently, two dear friends and I filmed a Talk Show on Maui with the goal of empowering and inspiring others. I am a wife, mother of two and I love my career of assisting people to transform.  My goal is for YOU to become personally empowered as well and to live life to the full!

All The Best, Tiffany